We love long-term relationships

We’re not the fly-by-night types. Not at all.

We pride ourselves on building real, long-term, solid, quality relationships with every customer 

– its the best way to keep the passion going.

Welcome to your brand new outsourced supply chain model

Whether you’re a start-up or a major player, brands just like yours trust us: to find new markets; to sell their products as though they we made them ourselves; and to provide the strongest, most reliable, and most flexible link in your supply chain.

We have the experience to exceed your expectations

We’ve been around a bit. We know how stressful exporting into new markets can be. The strength of our relationships with buyers, logistics experts and marketing professionals, means that we’re uniquely able to deliver a seamless, worry-free, on-time-all-the-time service across the UK.

We're the one-stop shop that'll have your brands flying off the shelves

Ours is a pretty fast-paced industry, we’re sure you’ll agree. So with no time to waste (or food, for that matter), we get to work the moment you’ve briefed us: sales, marketing, logistics – it all comes together like clockwork.

Let's open up a whole new world of opportunity for you and your brands

Just imagine: your brands delighting consumers in homes and workplaces across E the UK. Our expertise in listings, distribution and in-store visibility means we’ll always get your brands where they belong – and take your business to new places.

We love to hear new voices

So get in touch, give us a call, or send us an email

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